Wednesday, December 17, 2008

First Batch of Completed Preemie Blankets

Absolutely darling! It will be all I can do to hand these over to the Special Delivery Unit at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, and not keep them for myself.

Special Delivery (pastel colors)
Spikey (Bernat Softee Baby, Garter Ridge stitch)
gmmarton (
Moda Dea's Cherish, Ice Mint, Waffle stitch)


spinningcrna [also crocheted border!]
Our first completed oddball preemie blanket!!!!

Rainbow Sherbet (pink, green, cream, yellow)
gmmarton (
Waffle Stitch, Bernat Softee Baby, Baby Pink Marl)

LHFBM/LadyKrown (Ravelry)

suziehomemaker/MotherHenKnits (Ravelry)
CabinGirlPA (Ravelry)
mdc550 [crocheted the border]

Bluebird (light blues or variegated yarns with light blue)
Spikey (Bernat Softee Baby, Reverse Stockinette Ridge Stitch)
bobi1218 (rav)
(Bernat Softee Baby in a blue marl color, windmill stitch)
gmmarton (Bernat’s Softee Baby Ombre, Moss Stitch)
mdc550 [crocheted our border]

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