Thursday, February 18, 2010

Thirty Days and Counting Down...

Mark this one on your calendar, folks.  In just thirty days from today, yes on March 20th, we're going to have a little change of season.  Hard to believe, but Spring is just around the corner, and I can't wait for its arrival!  Although we've had our fair share of snow and ice here on the Connecticut shoreline, nothing can compare to the extremely high snowfall our Philly and mid-Atlantic friends have experienced this winter.  I have to believe that 73" of snow would rival any amount normally received in Vermont, New Hampshire and New York State.

So for those weary of shoveling, the white knuckle rides around the neighborhood, and the occasional slip on the sidewalk, I invite you to stop the snow dances, get ready to put away your winter boots, and embrace the longer days of daylight.

It is, after all, thirty days and counting down!

During my recent week away from school, I took the time to prepare the following five blankets for delivery to the good folks at Bridgeport Hospital.  

Falling Leaves (in its infant-state):
Created by hamham, gmmarton (two sections), MotherHenKnits, kellee0302, sugarmagknowya.

Fruity Pebbles:
Created by gmmarton, skein123, sugarmagknowya, justbeth, hamham, and mdc550.

Created by Beepr, angie19130, farmwife'n'mama, sugarmagknowya, justbeth, and gmmarton.

Stars and Stripes:  
Created by Vertigo1414, Beepr, gmmarton, angie19130 (two sections), and gmmarton.

Created by gmmarton, Beepr, knead2knit, hamham, gmmarton, Vertigo1414, and mdc550.

Many thanks to those who worked on these beautiful worsted weight baby blankets.

gmmarton (aka Gail)
18 February 2010